The future of education: Remote learning, 3D screens

When students wake up in the late 2030s, they won’t have to take many steps to go to “class”: School subjects will be right at their fingertips via a personal device or in their field of vision in the form of a heads-up display from an ocular implant, predicts the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. A night’s worth of learning material will have stacked up for them to ponder, along with assignments from a teacher, notes from fellow students on cooperative projects, and maybe even an interactive history lesson. Education will be 24-7, and technology won’t just facilitate remote learning: When kids do go to a school building, maybe once or twice a week, giant 3-D screens will allow them to interact with students and teachers worldwide. “The biggest thing holding back the future of the classroom is the future of the classroom,” said Arthur Harkins, a professor at the University of Minnesota who specializes in technology and education. “It’s an obsolete question.” For example, he said, students could learn around the clock if schools simply embraced the handheld devices that kids already have. Instead, most schools today confiscate or ban those devices because they are distractions or could be used for cheating…

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