Seton Hall professors monitor students’ laptops

Students’ use of laptop computers in campus lecture halls has frustrated many college professors who fear that too many students are surfing the web or otherwise not paying attention to their lessons. To combat this problem, some Seton Hall professors have begun using surveillance software to monitor student activity on their laptops during class, reports the Setonian. DyKnow software allows professors to monitor students’ laptop activity during class. The professor downloads the DyKnow software, which allows the professor’s laptop monitor to become a surveillance screen. Other features of DyKnow include student polling and chatting between professor and students. Professor James Kimble of the communication department is one professor who uses this software. “I’ve grown increasingly concerned that internet access is a distraction for my students, so much so that I feel confident in my growing belief that it is affecting student learning and, ultimately, student grades,” Kimble said. The professors that use this software are required to tell students in advance, as students must sign up for it on their own. “The DyKnow software is a bit of a check on a useful tool that can be abused,” Kimble said…

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