Why thousands of K-12 teachers are turning to SchoolTube

Forget the days of bringing an item for show and tell. These days, with most everyone having video capabilities on some sort of technology device, students illustrate their lives and class projects with video, TakePart reports. SchoolTube, a company based in St. Louis, assists in this phenomena. SchoolTube may not be as well known as YouTube, but in school districts across the United States, it is. The company is the nation’s largest teacher moderated video sharing website and was the first of its kind when it launched in 2006 as an academic answer to YouTube, which is often blocked by school administrators. SchoolTube allows videos created by students to be uploaded and shared in a safe environment.

“Every kid that has a cell phone, they can shoot video, so every student is a potential content creator,” Andrew Arizpe, SchoolTube co-founder, said in a statement. “They need a safe place to share that video. Everyday, as technology enhances, SchoolTube becomes more and more relevant.”

In the United States, the website is used by 40,000 schools for free. That number will dramatically increase this year, according to the company’s website, as more members of Generation M (for media) becomes deeper involved in filming their worlds…

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