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App of the Week: 3D sculpting for art, engineering, and more

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1234 Sculpt+

What’s It Like? 123D Sculpt+ (the enhanced version of 123D Sculpt) is an extremely easy-to-use digital sculpture app. Using it makes you feel like you’re creating real-life clay sculptures — except that the app can create symmetrical shapes along a center axis, and you don’t get your hands messy. Designing human, animal, or fantastical creatures becomes effortless, as you only have to make one arm and one leg; the other limbs are automatically mirrored. It also supports standard digital-creation tools such as copying and pasting, resizing, and rotating. Once their sculptures are created, users can pose them by bending joints or turning the head and can even change the color by finger-painting.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Grades: 6-12

Pros: Powerful and intuitive features make for a joyful, flexible creative experience.

Cons: The myriad of tools can be overwhelming at first, and the user forums are not well-supported.

Bottom line: Where other 3-D apps focus on hard-edge geometric shapes, this app successfully focuses on organic shapes better-suited to character design and sculpture.

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