Improving student outcomes for English language learners

Now more than ever, academic English acquisition is a crucial focus for non-native English language students nationwide. In order to help close the achievement gap and boost student outcomes for English Language Learners (ELLs), we’ve partnered with Middlebury Interactive Languages to provide resources for ELL educators. We’ve compiled guides, articles, classroom posters and videos to help educators provide their ELL students with a global approach to English language learning.


Engaging Students in K-12 Second Language Acquisition

Research has shown that in order to be successful in acquiring a second language, students need to interact in the target language in a purposeful way. This resource site was created in partnership with Middlebury Interactive Languages to provide schools, districts and educators with resources to engage students in K-12 second language acquisition.

Since learning a second language is crucial for both world language students and English Language Learners, this resource site contains infographics, white papers, classroom posters, articles and other resources for both world languages and ELL education. We hope you find it useful!


New Interactive Curriculum for English Language Learners

Middlebury Interactive’s standards-based supplemental English language program focuses on academic English and literacy development for elementary and middle school students. The culturally inclusive curriculum engages students through a combination of individualized task-based activities and collaborative project-based learning, while favoring multicultural perspectives.