How Lewisville ISD manages multiple devices — simply and affordably

Using a program called Absolute Manage has helped the district streamline the deployment and management of thousands of PCs, Macs, and mobile devices

To create a student-centered, project-based learning environment, Lewisville ISD began purchasing iPads and MacBooks to supplement its Windows-based computers.

The Lewisville Independent School District in Texas manages nearly 70,000 computers, laptops, and other mobile devices with a technology staff of fewer than 60 people.

Each technician is responsible for around 1,300 machines, and yet the district is able to deploy new devices, provision eBooks and other digital resources, keep software up to date, monitor compliance with software licensing, and much more—with remarkable efficiency.

A few years ago, Lewisville ISD reorganized its technology team to create a more efficient operation. The district also invested in Absolute Manage, a program from Absolute Software, to help its technology staff provision, track, and manage devices running on a wide range of platforms.…Read More