‘America’s tutor boom’: By the numbers

Public schools may be suffering, but the private tutoring business—a $5 billion industry—is growing like gangbusters, The Week reports. Times may be tough for many Americans, but, as the quality of public education grows shakier, it still pays to be a tutor—or at least a corporate tutoring firm. While the rest of the economy has sputtered and stagnated, the “supplemental education” sector has grown tenfold over the last decade. Here, a brief guide, by the numbers to “America’s tutor boom”: $5 billion-Estimated size of the “supplemental education” sector…

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Textbook-free schools share experiences, insights

Arizona's Vail School District, one of the first districts in the nation to move to an all-digital curriculum, used its textbook money to buy laptops—forcing the teachers to learn how to instruct differently.

Nearly one year after a pilot program that put Virginia’s fourth, seventh, and ninth grade social studies curriculum on an iPad, Virginia state officials say they have learned much from the implementation.

The program, which is a collaboration between education publishing giant Pearson and the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), was spawned from VDOE’s “Beyond Textbooks” initiative, which encourages schools to “explore the potential of wireless technology and digital textbooks to enhance teaching and learning.”

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