Lockhart Ed Tech

David Lockhart started teaching high school history in 2004. He had to find that thing that made his lessons stand out, and he saw it with technology. For the last four years, he has been an instructional technologist who coaches, trains, and speaks full time. Today, he teaches students to program, and his blog, Lockhart Ed Tech – The Big Guy in a Bow Tie Blog, covers all the important edtech topics: STEM, coding, makerspaces, G Suite, virtual reality….

If you’re looking for ways to introduce coding into your classroom, Google Docs add-ons, or tips for helping your students make videos, Lockhart has you covered. As a long-time instructor, his posts offer clear advice and helpful how-to details.…Read More

Cult of Pedagogy

This week’s highlighted blog is Cult of Pedagogy by Jennifer Gonzalez, a former middle school teacher and a National Board Certified Teacher who now works full-time supporting teachers with her blog and other resources.

Cult of Pedagogy really does have something for every educator at every level. You name the topic and there is a quality post relating to that topic on Cult of Pedagogy. I find myself sharing Jennifer’s posts multiple times a week. In addition, Jenn does a regular Cult of Pedagogy podcast that is also packed with valuable information for educators.…Read More