The Principal of Change

The Principal of Change, a blog by George Couros, needs to be at the top of every must-read list. Couros, a former classroom teacher and principal, is pretty widely known in education circles following the publication of his best-selling book, The Innovator’s Mindset. He publishes multiple posts weekly and the content is relevant for anyone who is interested in improving education.

One of my favorite Couros quotes is in reference to when people refer to a new educational resource a “game changer.”…Read More

Cult of Pedagogy

This week’s highlighted blog is Cult of Pedagogy by Jennifer Gonzalez, a former middle school teacher and a National Board Certified Teacher who now works full-time supporting teachers with her blog and other resources.

Cult of Pedagogy really does have something for every educator at every level. You name the topic and there is a quality post relating to that topic on Cult of Pedagogy. I find myself sharing Jennifer’s posts multiple times a week. In addition, Jenn does a regular Cult of Pedagogy podcast that is also packed with valuable information for educators.…Read More