The case for ChatGPT as the ultimate educator’s toolkit

Key points:

  • Today’s students will undoubtedly encounter generative AI in their careers
  • Two higher-ed instructors have designed a guide for using generative AI in life design and career education
  • See related article: A scholar’s embrace of ChatGPT-4

Innovations that have transformed education have often been met with skepticism. Just look at Sesame Street, which was once considered a wild, controversial experiment leveraging television for learning. Yet, by 1979, nine million children were watching the show, and kindergarten teachers had to upgrade their curricula because children were showing up knowing their ABCs and numbers and eager to learn more. What is now revered as an extraordinary show, which gently pushed the needle on integration, equity, and diversity, was once a radical experiment that rattled the American educational system.

Forty-four years later, Generative AI tools are causing a frenzy in the educational system and workforce, and in turn, for career educators who are attempting to help students prepare for the future of work.…Read More

Career Education re-evaluating long-term milestones

For-profit educator Career Education Corp. (CECO) said it may have to lower its growth targets for coming years because of the toll that proposed new regulations could take on enrollment growth, reports the Wall Street Journal. However, the Hoffman Estates, Ill., company said it isn’t yet ready to provide details of its new targets. The company’s re-evaluation, announced Wednesday on a conference call with analysts, comes as other college companies have trimmed or withdrawn their own guidance in recent weeks, with most citing regulatory uncertainty and slowing enrollment growth…

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