5 educators share their ISTE experiences

ISTE18 for all students: The mindset & top 5 tools for inclusive best practice

One size fits none when it comes to learning! The keynotes, presenters, vendors, and attendees of #ISTE18 dialed in hard with a connected line of perspective, practical strategies, and game-changing edtech tools to push all students full STEAM ahead into the new school year.

All means all
As teachers, our number-one mission and passion is to reach all the students we teach in a way that is equitable, meaningful, and impactful. That said, we also know that how each student learns is unique to each individual student. We also know that the way they show what they know is equally unique. In order to capture the outcomes we seek, we must embrace an inclusive and flexible mindset where student voice and student choice are driving the bus forward in their journey of learning.

At #ISTE18, keynote speaker Dr. David Eagleman spoke about the need for emotional engagement (some may think of this as “buy in”) and teaching “best skills” to help kids be cognitively flexible and develop a toolbox for innovation. What better way to do that than through modeling what flexibility is, looks like, and feels like?…Read More