from NetSupport Releases New Classroom Management and Safety Features, Giving Teachers More Control in the Cloud

Thursday, November 4, 2021 — ATLANTA –  NetSupport, which develops network and cloud-based technology for K-12 schools, has released several new safety and control features for, a cloud-based classroom management tool. was launched during the pandemic to help teachers keep students on task when learning online and it has proven equally valuable when students are in the classroom, too. Teachers use to monitor the applications and internet use on each student’s computer regardless of where they are, either learning remotely or in the classroom.

In this update, teachers can control sound and USB drives, and they have additional safety monitoring features and time-saving keystroke shortcuts. Because the pandemic has altered how and where school takes place, teachers need these additional device controls so that they can keep students safe regardless of whether they are in a physical classroom or at an outside location in what is essentially a new paradigm in K-12 education.

The NetSupport CEO, Al Kingsley, is a published author, a podcast host, and a sought-after speaker on the topics of safe and secure technology use in education. Kingsley says that development of the new features was accelerated by the pandemic. “For 30 years, NetSupport has been the teacher’s partner in classroom management tools and over that time period, their needs have constantly evolved,” said Kinglsey. “When COVID struck and teachers needed a cloud-based classroom management tool, we accelerated development of and now we’ve added even more features to keep pace with their needs. is a reliable and powerful classroom management platform giving teachers an improved ability to keep students safe and better engaged in the classrooms of today.”…Read More

New NetSupport Classroom Management Platform: Keeps Students on Task, Whether in School or Remote

NetSupport today announced that its new solution for classroom management,, is available to schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. This is the latest product from NetSupport, which has been supporting teachers with award-winning instructional and educational technology for over 30 years.

As teachers and administrators are once again thinking through major transitions in learning locations and models, is now fully available domestically. provides unique flexibility, allowing teachers to monitor the applications and internet use on each student’s computer no matter where they are connected. With, a teacher can launch a learning tool or open a website for every student in the class at the same time or bring individual students back on task when they have wandered away from the lesson whether they’re in the classroom or at home or somewhere in between.  …Read More

Remote support for any environment

NetSupport is offering its NetSupport Manager software free for 3 months (on up to 200 devices) allowing you to access any PC you want to be able to remote control.

Regardless of where your critical systems, servers, and IT users are located (and the platforms used), NetSupport Manager’s award-winning secure remote control tools make it easy for IT teams to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any geographical location. Useful in scenarios where staff are suddenly forced to work from home, NetSupport Manager also provides remote workers with safe and easy access to their work desktop.…Read More

NetSupport’s keyword monitoring now supports multiple languages

In an effort to help districts cope with an ever-growing student population speaking languages other than English, NetSupport is adding multiple languages to its keyword monitoring software, which lets schools keep an eye on student communications by automatically flagging certain phrases or words.

According to the company, the addition will enable staff in schools with a diverse ethnic mix of students to be able to monitor community languages other than English for safeguarding purposes.

In 2014, a record of 63.5 million U.S. residents (22 percent of which aged between 5-17 years old) spoke a language other than English at home — doubling from 1990, and expected to increase to 40 percent by 2030, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.…Read More

Five Strategies for BYOD Success


With the growing use of mobile technology in the modern classroom and an increasing number of schools are introducing BYOD schemes, platform flexibility is key for today’s classroom management software solutions.  This paper provides the five best practices to help your school get the most out of your BYOD initiative.

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