Touring schools that work, chancellor says new approach is needed at those that don’t

In the first school Cathleen P. Black visited, students in a fifth-grade classroom had one laptop apiece, from which they received individualized lessons. In the second school, for teenagers who had been on the verge of dropping out, counselors routinely show up at the homes of students if they are absent three days in a row. The third was one of four schools in a building that once housed one; students had violin and dance classes, aside from traditional subjects like history, English and math. Ms. Black, who officially began her job as New York City schools chancellor on Monday, has been visiting schools for weeks, reports the New York Times. But the tour on Monday, more than an introduction to the system, was a tightly choreographed showcasing of the Department of Education’s biggest successes and newest programs, like using technology to help teachers in the classroom and breaking up big schools into small ones…

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Editorial: Why Cathie Black?

Joel Klein, New York City’s schools chancellor, is quitting to go to work for Rupert Murdoch – to help him put the News Corp. empire “in the education marketplace.”And to replace him, Mayor Bloomberg has tapped Cathie Black, who is best known as the former publisher of USA Today, says Dan Collins, New York editor-at large for the Huffington Post. She currently runs Hearst Magazines, which publishes periodicals like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and Good Housekeeping.


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