STEM apps for physics, algebra, and more

These apps, for young learners through advanced math students, can help with STEM concepts

STEM-appEducators and school leaders know that exposing students to a robust STEM education is of the utmost importance.

Today’s schools are increasingly mobile, whether students are given devices through a one-to-one rollout or a bring-your-own-device initiative.

Because of education’s mobile nature, we’ve put together this list of STEM apps to support eSN’s STEM Education Week. We hope these apps are helpful.…Read More

Look at what STEM girls can do with mobile apps

Almost 20 years ago, when I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Buffalo, very few women were in the program, reports Alarmingly, things haven’t changed much. Women only account for 20 percent of bachelor degrees and only 25 percent of jobs in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. This is partly because girls’ interest in these subjects peaks in middle school, only to be squashed later, according to a U.S. Department of Education study. But we have a major opportunity to reverse this trend through the use of mobile technology. Unlike my experience growing up in the South Bronx, N.Y., and attending school in Harlem, young girls today have an advantage I never had — access to mobile technology. Kids, regardless of socioeconomic status, use mobile devices every day and they embrace technology for learning…

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