Why Listening Comprehension Is Essential to Reading Fluency

Tales2Go200x300Learning how to decode words is only one step in the journey toward reading fluency. Students also need a solid foundation in language comprehension—that is, they have to know what the words mean when strung together. In this white paper, you’ll learn why the best way for students to develop this knowledge is by hearing words spoken aloud in context—and why audio books offer the perfect solution.

Listening, the 21st Century Learner, and the Common Core Standards

tales2go200x300If listening is as critical in the workforce as it is the classroom, how—and when—can the act of listening be taught? Download this white paper for insights on what makes a good listener, how the Common Core standards require this, and how to integrate this key skill into instruction.

App of the week: Tales2Go

education-appName: Tales2Go

What is it? Tales2Go is a kids’ mobile audiobook service that gives teachers and parents unlimited access to thousands of name-brand audio titles from publishers and storytellers to play on Apple mobile devices. Stories range from fairytales to classics like Curious George Rides a Bike to popular series and characters such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and How to Train Your Dragon. There are also popular parenting titles. New stories are added continually.

Best for: Younger students and children.…Read More