Survey: Teachers could improve their content knowledge

NCTQ releases list of education colleges most effective at preparing teachers with content knowledge

content-knowledgeHigh school teachers may not be getting sufficient opportunities and training to learn the very subjects they are teaching–and students are taking notice–according to new findings from YouthTruth Student Survey and a new analysis on education colleges conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ).

According to new findings released by YouthTruth, a national nonprofit that harnesses students’ perceptions to help educators identify needs and accelerate improvements, 32 percent of surveyed high school students do not feel positively about their teachers’ content knowledge of the subject matter being taught.

“Across the country, with changing academic standards and increasingly diverse learning environments, the role of teachers is of paramount importance,” said YouthTruth’s Executive Director Jen Vorse Wilka. “At YouthTruth, it has always been our goal to represent students’ voices as the catalyst for positive improvements in schools and districts. With this latest round of findings, we hope education colleges across the country can focus on giving future teachers a strong foundation for content knowledge, so that they are as prepared as possible for the reality of the classroom.”…Read More