‘Supercapacitor’ could fully charge your phone in less than 30 seconds

An 18-year-old recently won $50,000 in scholarship funds for inventing a supercapacitor that could one day be used to fully charge a mobile device like a smartphone in just a few seconds, TechSpot reports. Eesha Khare and two other teens were among the top winners at the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Her design, a tiny device that fits inside cell phone batteries, would allow them to fully charge within 20-30 seconds. The supercapacitor can last for up to 10,000 cycles which outpaces traditional batteries by a factor of 10…

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UK’s Secretary of State for Education: video games will save the classroom

Michael Gove, UK’s Secretary of State for Education, believes that video games can help aid the study of mathematics and science in the nation’s classroom, TechSpot reports. He used Marcus Du Sautoy, a professor of mathematics at Oxford University, and his work as an example to illustrate how games can make the British education system more engaging for children…

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