Five pressing education issues you’ll see in 2014

A handful of important education issues will take top billing in 2014

education-issuesAlthough many states, districts, and education leaders are beginning 2014 with a fresh perspective on education priorities, familiar issues–including funding, Common Core, and policy–are sure to emerge.

The Council of State Governments (CSG) released its annual top five education issues that legislators and education advocates will encounter this session.

“It is clear we need American students to be more than warehouses of knowledge and information as the expectation has been in the past. As a nation we must bring our educational system up-to date so students also can apply knowledge and solve complex problems. This begins with high-quality early learning, continues through K-12, then continues until college completion and careers,” said CSG Education Policy Director Pam Goins. “Students must be able to work not only independently, but also with each other; they also need to be able to communicate ideas effectively. In short, to be successful in today’s world, every student must graduate from high school college- and career-ready.”…Read More