How school districts are leveraging Twitter to become rock stars

When a student tweets at their school’s Twitter handle, chances are they don’t expect a response–it’s like tweeting at Starbucks, or the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency—you feel like you’re talking to an entity that’s far too busy and important to ever respond to you. That’s why students in Georgia’s Cherokee County School District were so surprised when they tweeted their district, begging for a snow day—and their district tweeted right back.

Not only did the district respond, but the responses were sassy and high-spirited. When one student asked why the district was ruining her life, the district responded, “I have the club for you: drama. It’s so you.”

In a climate where Twitter is the center of so many tempestuous news stories, thanks to our Twitter-happy president, schools should be turning to the social media giant more than ever to share news, gather feedback, benefit from other educators’ expertise, react instantly to breaking news—and sometimes just lighten the mood.…Read More

15 Twitter tweets for amazing Common Core resources

Did you know that Twitter is a hot spot for all news Common Core?


More than just a virtual message board for what your superintendent had for breakfast, Twitter is always packed with information that can be crucial to every educator’s job. Currently, nothing is generating more buzz in the education world than Common Core—and Twitter’s tweets are here to help.

With the recent push for schools to begin implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) during the 2013-14 school year, everyone from classroom teachers to technology integrators wants to find quality Common Core resources.…Read More