Real-time advisory sessions that support students’ social-emotional health

The Social Institute announced an enhanced offering to its current #WinAtSocial curriculum, providing schools nationwide with remote, real-time advisory sessions that support students’ social-emotional health, well-being, and executive functioning skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new offering, called #WinAtSocial LIVE, was created in conjunction with student leaders across the country and The Social Institute’s Research Advisory Committee, a group of psychologists, mental health specialists, and social-emotional learning experts.

“It’s so important for mental health experts and educators to come together right now, but I think it’s even more critical to hear directly from students — how they are coping, what’s on their minds, and how we can best support them.” said Nancy Watson, LCSW, CADC and school social worker at Lake Forest Country Day School. “That’s been the approach from The Social Institute, and #WinAtSocial LIVE is the culmination of those findings.”…Read More

IBM to announce more powerful Watson via the internet

The New York Times reports: Welcome to the age of supercomputing for everyone. On Thursday IBM will announce that Watson, the computing system that beat all the humans on “Jeopardy!” two years ago, will be available in a form more than twice as powerful via the internet. Companies, academics and individual software developers will be able to use it at a small fraction of the previous cost, drawing on IBM’s specialists in fields like computational linguistics to build machines that can interpret complex data and better interact with humans…

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