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Opinion: Are American kids brats? Ask their teachers

According to Time magazine, the Tiger-mom controversy of yesteryear will likely morph into the Franco-mom controversy of 2012, writes Calvin Wolf for Yahoo! News. Pamela Druckerman has written a book titled Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, which is sure to infuriate American parents. French people are alleged to be more pleasant to be around because they are more properly socialized as children to understand that they are not the only ones with wants and needs. That explanation struck a chord. As a high school teacher, I am amazed at how needy some teenagers are. And, even more amazingly, most of these pupils has not a hint of shame when keening for help over every conceivable triviality. Additionally, while French parents supposedly place great emphasis on teaching their children to respect others, I am often surprised at how disrespectful many of my students can be toward myself and other teachers…

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