Post video to eSN.TV–earn national recognition

Thanks to our Student Video Network (SVN) initiative at eSN.TV, your students can earn valuable video-production experience–and a shot at national recognition for their efforts.

eSchool News founded the SVN to give students across North America the chance to experience what it’s like to be real news anchors and reporters. Now, beginning this month, students can upload their own videos to eSN.TV for consideration.

We’ve upgraded our web site to allow users to post their own videos to www.eSchoolNews.TV. And we’re encouraging students to create and submit video samples that illustrate how they handle breaking news coverage. Simply click on the “Upload Video” tab to get started.

If your school’s sample video is chosen, you might be invited to become an SVN affiliate. After that, not only will your students get to experience real deadlines and the fast pace of daily news programming, but their work also will be available for viewing by the hundreds of thousands of members of the eSchool News Network. They’ll develop samples for their video portfolios–and, of course, they’ll have loads of fun learning practical, real-world skills.

If you submit a sample video for the SVN, we ask that you choose two or three stories from the “Top News” section of our home page and create a student newscast. This newscast should present a summary of the stories you’ve chosen, enough for a two- to three-minute video clip. If possible, the stories you choose should have a common theme or topic that ties them together. To view actual examples of SVN productions, go to www.eSchoolNews.TV, and in the category box, select “Student Video Network.”

If your video is chosen to go live on our site, we’ll follow up with you regarding additional procedures–but schools that agree to become SVN affiliates should expect to complete about one video newscast per week.

Being a part of the SVN offers more than just the benefit of recognition from our thousands of online viewers; affiliate members also have the chance of being honored for their outstanding work. Details are still being worked out, but here’s the basic concept:

Each month, eSchool News will announce the most-watched SVN video of the month, and every four months, we’ll assemble a judging panel to choose the best video of the quarter. Judges will choose videos based on criteria such as relevancy, quality of content, and creativity, and each quarter’s winners could be invited to a major ed-tech event such as the annual National Education Computing Conference for an awards ceremony. During this ceremony, under this scenario, one of the four schools would be named “SVN News Team of the Year.”

Uploading videos to eSN.TV isn’t just for students. If you’re an educator with sound professional development advice, you can record a video clip of your teachings and share this video with your colleagues. If you’re a vendor, you might want to post your latest product how-to (information, please, not a hard sell).

Other video suggestions include university lectures, school instructional videos, and anything else you think might be relevant to the subject of educational technology.

For each video title you submit, please include the subject and your name and affiliation. For example: “Lecture, Dr. X, University of Y,” or “How-to, Company X, Product Y.” For schools entering video samples to be considered for the SVN, please mark these as such. For example: “SVN, [Name of supervisor or educator in charge along with contact information], X school/district.”

Once you’ve uploaded a video, our editors will review it to determine whether or not it will become active on eSN.TV. Selection will depend on relevancy, quality of content, available bandwidth, and other factors as determined solely by eSchool News.

Only responsible adults are permitted to submit video for posting on eSN.TV. Persons under the age of 18 must have an educator, parent, or other adult post the video on their behalf. Terms and conditions are available during the upload process.

All your colleagues at the eSchool News Network look forward to seeing your videos for 2009!


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