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Google for Education is a technology trend to watch!

After returning from a big IT conference where Google unveiled a new partnership with Synnex Corp, Kelly Grillo, PhD, gives three reasons to use Google Apps


There is a tidal wave called Google focused on the education market like I’ve never seen before.

Developers at Google are not only giving Google Apps to K-12 schools, they are supporting schools with the new Google Console, through which anyone can serve as the IT Director.

Google for Education has just partnered with Synnex Global, a super-giant Fortune 500 Company that supports IT procurement through valued-added resellers. Google is making IT deployment easy and affordable in schools so that all education professionals can focus on what matters most–student learning.

Google and Synnex are positioned to deliver. Here are three reasons to move to Google Apps.

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Google’s sharing its 10X thinking in schools! 

If you’ve never experienced 10X thinking and the way of work, it is Google’s innovative way to break beyond what is possible getting to downright amazing. The sharing of in-time data, collaborative tool deployment and the rise of one-to-one learning environments makes Google Apps deployed with the Google Management Console the way to go!

In 21st century schools that support everyone in the environment to push, go further and develop deeper learning in the 10X fashion, Google is setting the pace and enabling learning at deep levels for all, students and teachers, with one simple solution. Google Drive, Calendar, Sites and Chrome (browser & books–low-cost comprehensive compute device) deployed with the Google Management Console will unlock IT dollars and professionals’ time to focus on amazing student learning.

There is a NEW role for the IT Director in the education space

IT directors typically ensured data safety, compliance, and network access for each member of an organization. With the Google Management Console, Google is ensuring IT can easily set permissions for each of its members, even if you’re running a hybrid of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mixed with organizational issued devices.

Google’s Cloud-based Apps is a secure in-time solution where all of your members can easily access files, calendars and learning materials both online and off. When reducing security threats and IT costs your IT director’s energy can focus on what matters most in the educational landscape, student learning outcomes enabled by technology and supporting members of your organization coming to fluency using tech-enabled tools for productivity.

Google with Synnex is positioned well for bridging digital divide! 

Watch education partnerships! See who tech giants are partnering with, what they are developing, and how they are promoting teacher technology learning. With partners like Edmodo, Google Drive now plugs into the free Learning Management System.

Edmodo has long been an LMS that schools can use for free. Having the ability to embed Docs into courseware with a click of a button reduces time spent in developing quality education materials and reduces the IT costs for your environment. Once again thinking in terms of cost, Google continues to push beyond Section 508 compliance in deploying tools like ChromeVox, a free web-based screen reader that allows people with print disabilities greater access to web content.

Recognizing the digital divide exists because of access and IT costs, Google and Synnex also knows that in part, the digital divide exists because teachers, IT directors, partners, and students require more training in technology use and for all of these folks to speak the same language geared towards student learning.

This said, Google has deployed an army of Google Certified Teachers leading the ed-tech, technology enabled learning charge, Synnex has created a series of educational webinars so that IT folks understand the current goals of education and how the end-users need the network to respond to the way of doing work.

Any educator can access free training online to implement Google Apps in their learning environments, however schools can also hire trainers to customize learning experiences aligned to technology implementation and school improvement plans so that Google Apps support specific goals in your environment. If I were you, I’d spend some professional development time this summer getting Googled, AKA Google Teacher Certified! But also contact Certified Google Resellers or Synnex directly if you need specific customized training.

The tidal wave of Google for Education is real and it’s coming. Will you be ready? You can read about a team-based decision for a school system to go Google here and to keep up with Google for Education bookmark, lastly get plugged in on Twitter with Google Certified Teachers like me @kellygrillo, or check out a Google Super Hero like Alice Keeler @Alicekeeler.

Kelly J. Grillo, PhD, is a Google Certified Teacher and Technology Deployment Specialist in Government and Education at TBD Partners.

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