Become a better writer with 10 writing platforms

Start by exploring the tools we list below and you will soon notice that developing academic writing skills is not that difficult after all

better-writer-writing-platformsWhen you take a look at the trends in the ed-tech world, you may get the impression that math is the most beloved subject.

You will have to look a little deeper to find platforms and apps aimed towards improving your writing skills. Don’t be disappointed though; there are still many tools you can rely on, and we will list the most effective choices that are currently available.

1. Essay Punch

Essay Punch is a tool that helps students to write their first short essays. Learning how to describe, inform, and persuade is made easy with the help of over 1000 prompts and nine writing topics included in this concept. Students get real-time feedback, which enables them to improve their writing skills quickly and effectively.

2. Criterion Online Writing Evaluation

This is an online instructional tool that students use to get assistance in planning, writing, and revising essays. With the help of Criterion, young students can get immediate feedback on their work, as well as suggestions on how to elevate their writing skills.

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3. Lightside

This edtech tool provides automated support for writing through three concepts: writing platform, Revision Assistant, and a product for automated scoring. Although Lightside is working with few pilot sites, it has a lot of potential for providing writing support in classrooms.

4. Odyssey Writer

This is a writing program intended to be used by students in elementary and middle school. Odyssey Writer guides its users through the process of writing and makes it more enjoyable. The platform starts the teaching process with properly constructed assignments that inspire students to develop a genuine interest in writing.


No matter how sophisticated automated assessment tools are, they cannot replace the assistance of a real writer. Whenever a student has difficulties with a certain topic, they can rely the help of the professional team of writers hired by Ninja Essays. The best way to learn how exceptional academic writing gets done is by following the example of an expert writer.

6. Crase

This automated scoring system was developed by Pacific Metrics. The tool provides accurate, cheap, and immediate scoring of essays with the use of statistical modeling and natural language processing in combination with the latest advances in information technology.

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7. MY Access

This writing and assessment solution makes writing instructions fun and understandable for students. Educators can use this tool for making data-driven decisions for motivating students to become more interested in writing. MY Access features more than 1000 topics in language arts, science, math, and social studies that spark the interest for writing great essays.

8. WriteToLearn

This is an automated literacy tool that provides accurate assessment of a student’s writing, as well as immediate feedback that includes suggestions for improvements. WriteToLearn is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for all learners of English language.

9. SAGrader

This is another tool that provides immediate feedback on students’ content. SAGrader is perfect for students in high school and college, since it provides assessment of written content in history, psychology, biology, and other courses.

10. Grademark

This online grading tool provides students with valuable feedback report that includes custom comments and editorial highlights. The tool can be used for assessment of science experiments, math calculations, presentations in PowerPoint, graphic design comps, dance recitals, and much more.

Start exploring the advantages of technology today!

Students have been having troubles with academic writing since always, but today their excuses seem irrelevant because of the many available tools that can make the writing process simpler. From automated grading tools to professional online writing assistance, today’s students have a variety of concepts to choose from to make their lives easier.

Start by exploring the tools we listed above and you will soon notice that developing academic writing skills is not that difficult after all.

Ernest White is a tutor at New York University.

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