Become a better writer with 10 writing platforms

Start by exploring the tools we list below and you will soon notice that developing academic writing skills is not that difficult after all

better-writer-writing-platformsWhen you take a look at the trends in the ed-tech world, you may get the impression that math is the most beloved subject.

You will have to look a little deeper to find platforms and apps aimed towards improving your writing skills. Don’t be disappointed though; there are still many tools you can rely on, and we will list the most effective choices that are currently available.

1. Essay Punch

Essay Punch is a tool that helps students to write their first short essays. Learning how to describe, inform, and persuade is made easy with the help of over 1000 prompts and nine writing topics included in this concept. Students get real-time feedback, which enables them to improve their writing skills quickly and effectively.

2. Criterion Online Writing Evaluation

This is an online instructional tool that students use to get assistance in planning, writing, and revising essays. With the help of Criterion, young students can get immediate feedback on their work, as well as suggestions on how to elevate their writing skills.

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