6 tools that could boost student performance

You shouldn’t avoid using the right tools and websites that will make your goals easier to reach

ed-tech-tools-gradesSo you went ambiguous with the elective classes and now your goals seem impossible to realize? Every student has faced the same situation.

The worst thing you could do in such situation is give up and make your peace with “OK” grades in the end. You should explore the educational technology tools that will help you get better grades without getting nervous about the workload. We know that you don’t have time to waste on online research at this point, so we made an effort to collect all useful tools in one place.

1. WordCounter

Speaking of essay writing, there is a common problem that students encounter when completing their own papers: sticking within the word count limits. The word counters on your usual word processors are not always precise. This word count tool by NinjaEssays will help you determine the accurate number of words and symbols in your document, but will also help you find out how many times you have used your “habit words.” The best part is that it’s completely free.

2. My Study Life        

Managing your schedule is more complicated than it sounds. When you are a student, you have many classes, exams, homework, friends, social events… in fewer words: you have too many activities to fit into 24 hours. My Study Life is an online planner for students that makes their lives more manageable.

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