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6 tools for parent-teacher collaboration

Mobile devices make it easier for parents and teachers to collaborate and communicate

parents-teachersEducators know that students’ home lives play an integral role in their academic success. Communication between teachers and parents makes it easier for educators to understand the outside challenges students may deal with, and it helps parents understand how they can better support their children in school.

In August, we brought you five tools that parents and teachers could use to start the school year off connected.

As winter break looms in the not-too-distant future, and as report cards might prompt some parents to touch base with teachers more often, here are six more tools to help facilitate communication.

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[Editor’s note: There are many apps for parent-teacher communication, and those listed below are just some of those apps. If you have a favorite one, let us know in the comments section below. ]
SchoolCircle helps parents stay connected to teachers by organizing school communications in a central dashboard with action items and alerts.

Ringya lets users create groups and, within those groups, create subgroups or lists. Users can call, text, email, and chat with individuals, subgroups, or the entire group. Group members are identified by how they’re connected to the user, so a teacher knows who is calling or texting.

This device-agnostic group texting tool helps parents text fellow parents who have students in their child’s class, and lets teachers text all classroom parents or smaller groups. It also works over SMS.

Class Messenger
Class Messenger helps teachers send home important notes and updates. They can see exactly which parents have read each note. And whether via app, text, or email, communication through Class Messenger is always private.

ClassDojo Messenger
The ClassDojo app targets students’ behavior and helps them improve those behaviors and engagement levels with awards. Teachers record real-time feedback and can print or email behavior sheets for parents. The Messenger app makes it easier for teachers to instantly communicate with parents and send notes, photos, attachments, and more.

Teachers can schedule text messages to make sure information is sent, and can communication privately with parents and students. Students use the tool for group collaboration and for out-of-school discussions about lessons or homework help.

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