How two struggling schools got two different results with ed tech

By now, many educators understand that technology has the potential of transforming teaching and learning, Mind/Shift reports. But the term “technology” covers vast territory, and there are many different layers of tech and ways of integrating it from school to school. At times, where one kind of technology is appropriate and helpful in one school, the same tech can cause big problems for another. Take Elmhurst Community Prep, a Title I middle school in East Oakland. It’s a tough neighborhood where kids walk by police busts on their way to school, all kids receive free and reduced lunch and 15 percent of entering sixth graders can’t read. Second-year principal Kilian Betlach hoped that bringing a student data system and learning software into Elmhurst classrooms would help boost student achievement. “I wanted classroom instruction to be better; I wanted kids to learn more; I wanted teachers to have their time freed up to do better work,” Betlach said. With money from the Rogers Family Foundation, Betlach contracted with a start-up consulting company called Junyo to help guide him as he launched a school wide blended learning program…

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