Survey suggests nearly half of teens text in class

A new study by textPlus found that 43 percent of teens ages 13-17 say they text in class, and of that group, 17 percent of them say they do it “constantly,” reports JSYK (Just So You Know). What’s even more interesting is that only 26 percent of teens think it’s wrong to text during a lesson, and over half of the students admit that they’re texting friends in the same classroom. But the conversations aren’t just about gossip and what’s going on after school; 22 percent of teens say they’ve texted answers to their friends who have been called upon during class, and 20 percent of the high school students cop to being “saved” by an answer in a text. What’s more, nearly 80 percent of the teens surveyed say they’ve never been caught or gotten in trouble for texting in class. And parents are contributing to the texting-during-class trend, too: 66 percent of the students polled say their parents text them during the day, even though they know they’re in class…

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