To boost security, Facebook adds remote logout

The social-networking giant Facebook is rolling out a new security feature that lets users see which computers and devices are logged into their Facebook accounts, then remove the ones that they don’t want to have access, PC World reports. The move addresses a growing problem on Facebook: Spammers use fake phishing sites to trick Facebook users into entering their usernames and passwords, and then they use those credentials to send spam messages to as many Facebook friends as possible. This type of spam is often very effective because it looks like it’s coming from a trusted source (a Facebook friend), and security experts say that many spammers have now developed automated programs that log into stolen Facebook accounts and send spam. Besides knocking out spammers, the new feature also gives users a way of logging out of machines that they’ve recently used—a school library computer or a friend’s mobile phone, for instance. Not everyone will be able to use this new feature immediately, as it’s being rolled out “gradually,” Facebook said in an eMail message. Users who have been granted the login control feature can see it by going to Account Settings and then looking for it in the Account Security Section. There, they can see the different computers currently logged into Facebook, which browser and operating system they use, and—based on Internet Protocol information—a guess at where they are located. With the click of a button, the user can “end activity” on any of these sessions…

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