Ohio State University has revoked the doctoral degree of a 2006 anthropology graduate for plagiarizing significant portions of her dissertation, illustrating what has become a growing problem on college campuses, reports the Columbus Dispatch. Ohio State’s Committee on Academic Misconduct ordered Elisabeth Nixon to return her diploma. It retroactively dismissed her from graduate school without any opportunity to re-enroll and asked campus officials to remove all copies of her dissertation from OSU libraries. The committee found that Nixon copied the work of a UCLA graduate, who is now a Bowling Green State University professor. Nixon appealed the decision to Provost Joseph Alutto, but he upheld the committee’s ruling this past spring. More than 60 percent of undergraduate students nationwide admitted to cheating on assignments and exams, according to one study. And 40 percent of all U.S. college students said they had woven unattributed material from the internet into their own work. At the same time, instructors have become better at using internet searches to catch students who steal other people’s work…

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