Breitbart was accused of deceptively editing a lecture video last spring.

Public schools and universities soon could face the same intense political scrutiny as left-leaning filmmakers and politicians after internet entrepreneur and controversial blogger Andrew Breitbart said his newest website will offer a forum for students and parents critical of taxpayer-funded education.

Breitbart has made headlines and been criticized for using heavily-edited and misleading video clips to smear the community organizing group ACORN, National Public Radio (NPR), and an Obama administration official in recent years.

A regular speaker at conservative Tea Party rallies, Breitbart hasn’t been shy with criticism of public schools and higher education, vowing in April to “go after teachers,” especially those who support labor unions or reference readings Breitbart considers controversial, such as articles written by Marxists.

Breitbart’s main site,, has had a section dedicated to educational issues, but the blogger announced Aug. 23 in an interview with EAGtv that would become its own website, “a platform for teachers who are in failing schools who want to change things, or parents or even the students themselves.”

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