How to have more teachers ‘clamoring’ for low-performing schools

As Obama’s top school official came to a city turnaround school Tuesday, he popped a question: How do we get more Tamara Raifords “clamoring” to teach in low-performing schools? Reports the New Haven Independent. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan heard several answers directly from New Haven teachers as he took part in a discussion Tuesday morning at the Brennan/Rogers School in West Rock. Duncan didn’t come to town to give a speech. He played the role of interviewer in a 90-minute talk with school staff, students, union leaders and politicians in the school library. After a full half-hour of congratulations between politicians, mostly focused on New Haven’s 2009 teachers’ contract that paved the way for new teacher evaluations and turnaround schools, teachers were invited to join the conversation in front of a bank of TV cameras…

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