Next-generation science standards open for comments

The next-generation science standards are internationally benchmarked.

A second draft of the Next Generation Science Standards, which are being developed with input from 26 states, is open for public review and comment until Jan. 29.

The revised draft, released Jan. 8, continues to focus on what the National Research Council (NRC) calls its “three dimensions” of science proficiency: practices, cross-cutting concepts, and core ideas in various science disciplines.

School leaders, educators, and other stakeholders who’d like to weigh in on the second draft can read learn how to do so here. The final standards are expected to be released in March.

“Core ideas” in the standards must meet two of four definitions, as specified by the NRC:

  • Have broad importance across multiple sciences or engineering disciplines, or be a key organizing principle of a single discipline;
  • Provide a key tool for understanding or investigating more complex ideas and solving problems;
  • Relate to the interests and life experiences of students, or be connected to societal or personal concerns that require scientific or technological knowledge; and
  • Be teachable and learnable over multiple grades at increasing levels of depth and sophistication.

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Laura Ascione

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