Try these free resources for the flipped classroom

The flipped classroom is an education trend that has generated a lot of buzz, but some educators have struggled to create or find videos that are both short enough and engaging enough to hold students’ attention. Yet, three free resources can help educators do that—and more.

During a webinar hosted by, a professional social network for the education community, Shannon Holden—a former middle and high school teacher, principal, and now an online educator—described how the free resources found via TED-Ed, Khan Academy, and Sophia have been used by educators to flip their classroom.

“I always tell educators interested in flipped learning that you can’t flip every lesson, maybe one or two a week. But these resources can help educators maintain their flipped classroom without spending a lot of time,” Holden said.

Proponents of the flipped classroom say the method—which has students watch short videos of concepts at home and come to school the next day prepared with questions, and sometimes having completed a post-video quiz—grabs students’ attention and uses class time for student collaboration and beneficial conversations about the new lesson.

Some critics point out that not all students have access to home internet or computers on which to watch assigned videos, and many parents initially are taken aback when their children come home without traditional homework.

But educators who are interested in the flipped classroom can check out these three free resources to get started.

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Meris Stansbury

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