Are teachers and ed tech businesses working towards the same goal?

Education technology businesses have come up with hundreds, if not thousands, of products meant to make teachers’ lives easier and improve student achievement, Mind/Shift reports. Most products bite off a piece of the education puzzle, trying to solve one corner of a complex web. Four of these businesses — MasteryConnect, Illuminate Education, Pearson, and Imagine K12 — were represented on a panel last week hosted by VLAB, a partnership between MIT and Stanford. “The goal is to understand immediately if a student understood that concept and to be able to re-teach it if necessary,” said Mick Hewitt, CEO and co-founder of MasteryConnect. MasteryConnect allows teachers to track student’s mastery of concepts through various kinds of formative assessments including quizzes, oral responses, or even scanning an image of an assignment. “We’ve tried to look at how schools and school systems can predictably accelerate student achievement,” said Scott Drossos, senior vice-president of Pearson’s 1:1 Learning program…

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