The 5 worst stock photos for education

Nothing says ‘here’s an education photo’ like tacky outfits and meaningless representations!

education-photosAs education editors, especially as ones who don’t have a large field team to snap perfectly-timed, high-res photos to go along with our stories, it’s up to us and our powers of keyword searching to find an appropriate photo that accurately conveys the topic of our story.

Going through third-party stock photos, the often-times “OMG! You guys have to see this” reaction we get during our tedious scavenger hunts never gets any less incredulous, as we see, time and again, horribly inaccurate, offensive, and just plain weird photos of what are supposed to be today’s classrooms, technology, students and teachers.

We know Mondays usually aren’t the best days of the week, and to help put a smile on your face, as they often do on ours, we wanted to share with you the 5 worst stock photos for education we love to hate. It’s not news, but we hope it will provide some much-needed joy for a Monday Fun-day!

Know of any ridiculous education photos out there? Are there stereotypes in education you see visually portrayed in the media? Let us know! Email me at, leave your comments in the section below, or find me on Twitter @eSN_Meris.

[In no particular order…because, well, they’re all horrible]

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Meris Stansbury

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