Here’s a quick way to connect students and STEM experts

Website helps students learn real-world value of STEM

STEM-NeprisA new online platform helps connect students and teachers to real-world STEM professionals in an effort to help students link classroom STEM lessons to careers and how they might use STEM learning in the real world.

The platform, Nepris, operates in two ways. STEM professionals and experts can sign up and offer their services, specifying subject areas they are qualified to discuss. Educators sign up and pick a curriculum topic or student project for which they’d like help from a STEM expert. Nepris connects the two and suggests potential match-ups. All interactions are virtual and recorded for later use, and every student has the chance to submit a question and participate in the discussion.

The impetus to design Nepris came in large part from a “STEM participation gap,” said Sabari Raja, the founder and CEO of Nepris.

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Laura Ascione

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