Kids stay learning longer

Kids stay learning longer (distraction :60)

Students can get to learning faster, waste less time waiting, and stay learning longer with Chromebooks powered by Intel processors

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Today’s students need fast, responsive electronic devices with long battery life—if the device they use to do school work takes too long to load something and forces them to constantly worry about battery life, it can be hard to keep them focused and engaged. They need to pick up their device, get going right away, and move from one thing to another quickly and easily. Teachers need this, too—the less time their students spend waiting for their devices to open an app or document, the sooner they can start learning and the more likely they are to be engaged and stay engaged instead of distracted or frustrated.

As more Chromebook™ models enter the market, it’s becoming harder for schools to choose the right one.

Engineering firm Principled Technologies put two Chromebooks through scenarios that included tasks such as watching a TED-Ed video and taking notes. They also looked at how long the two Chromebooks could keep running without a charge and how many frames per second they could deliver rendering an anatomy simulation.

Their research found that the Intel® processor-powered Chromebook aced the test, lasting over 57 percent longer unplugged and also delivering up to 50 percent less waiting in four student scenarios and twice as many frames per second while rendering an anatomy simulation. The report card is clear: With the Intel processor-powered Chromebook, students can get to learning faster, waste less time waiting, and stay learning longer. Clearly, the Intel processor-powered Chromebook is the better choice for schools.

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