app-weekName: Smart Adventures Mission Math

What is it? Mission Math is a STEM-themed adventure game that puts girls in the starring role, first letting them customize an avatar from a vast selection of options. Then players puzzle through math mini-games to solve the mystery of who sabotaged a space station — all in a pressure- and stereotype-free environment with tons of positive female role models.

Best for: Girls ages 9 and older

Price: $4.99

Requirements: iOS 6 and up; Android 3.0 and up

Features: A personalized interactive feature allows each player to become the star of her own adventure by creating a custom avatar that looks like her. The story-based adventure includes an exciting mystery to solve, which helps motivate players to keep playing while practicing math skills. Our game world offers diverse characters that present problems to players and help them work through assignments and challenges.

Players receive continuous feedback on progress, and each completed task leads to rewarding and amusing outcomes. The compelling storyline motivates players while introducing science and technology concepts in a light and fun way. The game features no timed activities so that players can freely explore without getting stuck on one task or level.

Link: iTunes and Android


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Laura Ascione

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