App of the Week: A new way to do video

Take advantage of multiple video perspectives with this unique app

crowd-appName: CrowdFlik

What is it? CrowdFlik is the mobile video APP that allows you to share, view and edit mobile video footage captured by the crowd. CrowdFlik automatically synchronizes and organizes multiple video streams and gives you the power to easily create multi-angle, shareable video compilations of your favorite moments at your favorite events.

Best for: Educators and students

Price: Free

Requirements: iOS 6 and later on iOS devices

Features: CrowdFlik uses the United States Naval Atomic Clock as the reference point to synchronize the video streams from multiple devices to within 1/100th of a second of each other. Once video is captured and saved, it is securely stored in the cloud and recognized by the app in 10 second segments on the event timeline. When a user taps their favorite video segments from an event to create a FLIK CrowdFlik re-assembles the segments to create the FLIK. The near-perfect time synchronization allows for this seamless video creation.
Link: CrowdFlik for iOS and Android

Laura Ascione

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