Little-known ways Skype is great for teaching ELA

Implementing Skype in the classroom is both fun and rewarding for the educator and student

skype-classroomThe current task for my doctoral course Curriculum Technology and Teaching is to explore a variety of compressed video alternatives in the classroom setting.

The compressed video applications I tested were Skype, OoVoo, Facetime, and Zoom.

Research has already identified the benefits of using video technology in an education setting. The International Journal of Information Science and Management, expounded on the significance of how integration of video and audio technology will expand in k-12 curriculums in the future.

I used each technology to analyze which one would be best for teaching my lesson. The lesson I chose is based on the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and it entails comparing injustice in the novel to modern day global injustice. After each video application is tested and the lesson taught. My focus will shift to finding another teacher using Skype in the classroom to give my students more practice.

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