Using a secure online learning platform site is more beneficial than traditional social media for schools


As more educators engage with students outside of the classrooms, usually through office hours, using a secure learning platform might just be the answer to questions about how to initiate and maintain this communication.

A learning platform is a web-based system modeling an in-person education by providing virtual access to class material, homework, assessments, and many other academic resources. These platforms also have the added benefit of being a social space for educators and students.

Think Facebook meets the classroom, within a controlled environment.

Through these programs, teachers can make sure students are engaging in academics and not distracted with non-educational topics.

So what are the benefits?

By using a secure online learning platform, students receive direct access to class materials and can participate in class discussions. When eMails and phone calls aren’t enough, students can contact instructors directly through the program.

So if you’re thinking about flipping your classroom, check out the list below.

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