Four critical decisions when making wireless infrastructure changes

Joe Kuzo, director of technology at Quakertown Community School District, shares four critical decisions his district made when expanding wireless systems

joekuzoWireless systems in K-12 institutions have likely been in place for several years now, prior to the large influx of personal devices and district owned devices, and we are beginning to see the ever-growing need for expanding wireless capacity. There are many options that need to be considered.

Funding for these critical infrastructure changes happen infrequently, so we must do our due diligence to ensure we not only get the best value for our funding, but also it’s future proofing us for devices that have not yet entered our districts. I’ve outlined my top four as I have just gone through the transition to a new vendor and platform. Easiest is not always the best! I’ve purposely left this blog vendor-agnostic, however, I’m more than happy to share my experiences directly with anyone interested.

Below are four critical decisions we had to make which I think most K-12 districts will also face and need to evaluate.

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