Content platform turns content, including robot-delivered lessons, into custom learning challenges to promote play and learning

robot-contentCWIST, a web platform supporting learning projects for students from 3 to 103, is making its content platform and education experts available to companies who want to turn their content into custom incentivized lessons.

Its newest platform partner, Famulus Robots, offers step-by-step multimedia lessons using various robots to teach science and engineering concepts.

Famulus offers multiple robots designed for education and special needs, as well as head mounted displays. Students as young as middle school can learn robotics programming with lessons powered by the CWIST platform.

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“Via the CWIST modules, students learn to program robots and create 3D worlds in Unity and Unreal Engine,” said David Gravelle founder of Famulus. “Users can learn core skills on the robots and gain great STEM skills, while sharing resources, as well as create learning challenges for others thus further extending the power of robotics teaching and learning.”

The CWIST model allows for the delivery of activities and projects that can be used for interactive learning, or can support gamified learning through assessment and incentives. Companies who adopt the CWIST platform to deliver content can offer their own incentives or partner with CWIST for incentives.

The platform also offers data management tools for tracking user activity such as viral shares and reward fulfillment. The CWIST API provides the ability for users to search and browse activities, search and browse incentives, see assigned challenges, make challenges, search and browse instructor profiles and see student profiles. Cwist also offers partners an e-commerce platform.

“We created an incredibly easy-to-use lesson delivery method for our consumer product and found that other companies and organizations that want to deliver content in an engaging way wanted to use our platform as well,” said Chris Sleat, founder of CWIST. “Our partnership with companies like Famulus is a win for both of us, as well as for the children who will use the activities to learn.”

Famulus Robots is a full-service robotic solution provider dedicated to extending the capabilities of robots in education and with individuals. Famulus offers schools and parents robots, software, head mounted displays and online training to middle and high school students. With its dedicated website, teachers and parents can assign courses, view progress testing results, build work groups and share projects with an online community.

CWIST’s learning platform turns partner content into custom interactive learning challenges that reward users, driving sustained engagement and extending a partner’s education community.

The original installation,, is a free learn-through-play website for children ages 5-11. The site offers educational community service or outdoor projects and learning activities along with tools allowing parents to challenge their child to complete a project with the goal of earning a “wish” once they are done with an activity.

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