11 tech integration tips to share with your school

Share these innovative tech integration tips with your team

tech-tipsEmbarking on a technology integration plan or beginning a technology pilot can be daunting. However, mapping out a clear path, being flexible, and communicating the stakeholders can help that plan be successful.

Jeff Downing, an elementary school computer specialist in California’s Fremont Unified School District, offered technology integration tips for administrators and teachers based on his experiences in his own school during a webinar for edWeb’s Digital Citizenship community.

Three years ago, Downing developed basic goals for his school, including providing every classroom with a high-quality projector, finding ways to give every student access to some type of technology each day, and increasing internet access.

At the start of the school year, every classroom in the school began with a high-quality widescreen projector, 62 iPads and 62 Chromebooks are onsite, every teacher will have a laptop, the school’s computer labs will offer 32 updated desktops, and internet access will have tripled.

“Now I feel that we can delve into using the tools and really incorporating digital citizenship into everything that we do,” he said.

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