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3 ways to get school services running smoothly after summer—quickly

One district’s story on harnessing service management technology to beat the post-summer headache.

Imagine it’s the beginning of the school year. School staff are getting ready for students to arrive, but the summer was long. Staff has forgotten passwords, printers are suddenly not working and your service and help desks can’t process all the incoming calls—not because you’re understaffed, but because your service management technology isn’t working for you.

How do you get your services back on track? The District School Board of Niagara found the answer through the implementation of a new IT service management solution from TOPdesk.

To better understand the task, the District School Board of Niagara employs almost 3,000 teachers and more than 1,300 support staff. It operates 79 elementary schools and 20 secondary schools in the 12 municipalities of the Niagara region. The district serves more than 36,000 students from Kindergarten through grade 12.

To ensure student success across the district, all systems must run smoothly, including IT service management. Every day the service desk receives calls about password resets, printer issues, faulty Wi-Fi, new phones or software installations.

1. Automation = Communication

“The solution we were using required constant customization and code changes,” said Derek Galipeau, supervisor of technical services and support. The solution also wasn’t easy or efficient to use. During the district’s busiest times at the beginning of each school year, the service desk team had to regularly bring in a temporary employee just to handle extra calls from staff seeking support.

Automation also was lacking. “The old system was powered by email,” said Galipeau. “We couldn’t rely on technology to streamline services, log requests, communicate with users and track the progress of calls.”

The service desk staff also was answering the same problems over and over again, for caller after caller. This cost the district time and money. With these issues, the district looked for a solution to meet its service desk’s needs. Service desk leaders wanted an out-of-the-box service management solution with very little customization required.

The district implemented its ITSM solution in the summer of 2016, weeks prior to the district’s busy season in September. It took just six days to implement, and the solution went live just a day before school started.

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