App of the Week: Metaverse

Ambitious augmented-reality tool engages users, promotes coding skills

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What’s It Like? 

Metaverse is a platform (website and app) for creating, sharing, and interacting with augmented-reality (AR) “experiences.” Metaverse Studio, recommended for older users (13+), is where creation occurs. New experiences begin with a blank storyboard that allows for nearly unlimited combinations of scenes, characters, commands, and navigation options. Scenes can contain clues, directions, questions, web links, videos, and more. Users connect scenes to create a partial or complete experience that adjusts to viewers’ responses. Once a user creates an experience, it can be duplicated and edited to create another, so users don’t have to start from scratch to create additional experiences.

Price: Free

Grades: 4-12

Rating: 4/5

Pros: AR experiences engage users and gamify learning; ability to create experiences promotes creativity and critical thinking.

Cons: Creation takes time and is complicated for the average user; could use more in-app support features and character effects.

Bottom line: This dynamic tool allows users to create and experience augmented-reality activities while learning 21st-century skills.

Laura Ascione

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