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7 days of Twitter chats

Educational Twitter chats, organized by topics, offer an opportunity to learn from peers and grow PLNs

Social media is ubiquitous in many people’s lives, and it’s no different for educators–some of today’s most innovative teachers are using social media platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter to engage students and build their own personal learning networks.

Those networks, often called PLNs, consist of connections educators make via social media and can include fellow educators across the state or across the globe. Through PLNs, educators learn about new teaching and learning trends, share resources, and find mentors and inspiring colleagues.

Twitter chats have emerged as a convenient way for educators across the country to hop on Twitter and discuss certain topics. Chats are usually scheduled once a week at a certain time, and they’re organized by hashtags so participants can search for questions, answers, and discussions.

This Google document organizes educational Twitter chats by day, and it includes an option to add the chat to a Google calendar.

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Laura Ascione

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