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7 digital citizenship resources for educators and parents

These tools and activities can help educators as Digital Citizenship Week approaches

More children than ever have easy access to mobile devices at home and in school, making it critical to impart strong digital citizenship lessons to students.

Children have access at younger ages–42 percent of children up to age 8 have their own tablet, 95 percent of families with children in that age range have a smartphone available for that child’s use, and 78 percent have a tablet.

Teenagers’ social media use has doubled in recent years, from 34 percent who reported using social media multiple times a day in 2012 to 70 percent reporting the same today. Sixteen percent of surveyed teenagers say they use social media almost constantly, and 38 percent say they use it multiple times an hour.

Technology is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, but today’s students must learn that their online behavior stays with them forever and has the power to positively and negatively impact peers.

Laura Ascione

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