A woman frames her hand around the sunrise to illustrate the coming changes in the future of learning.

5 major changes in the future of learning

The future of learning will look dramatically different--here are the key drivers behind how teaching and learning will change

Five changes have incredible potential to influence the future of learning, according to a new forecast–and we have to embrace these changes in order to understand the challenges and opportunities facing education.

“Exploring the future of learning today is an act of stewardship to our future communities and to the young people who will live in them,” according to Navigating the Future of Learning from KnowledgeWorks. At at the center of this exploration will be not only schools and districts, but also postsecondary institutions, community-based learning organizations like museums and libraries, and educators and innovators to lead these changes.

The five changes outlined in the forecast are grounded in trends, patterns, plans, and developments that are all taking place today. The authors pose two key questions–one specific to education, and the other general–alongside each change to prompt reflection.

Laura Ascione

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